Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

Get a water quality testing service in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida

You probably drink, cook with and make ice using tap water. So you want to make sure it's safe. I Do Home Inspection, LLC offers a water quality testing service in Cape Coral, FL that will give you a better understanding of your water quality.

After collecting samples, we'll send them off to an accredited lab. To learn more about our water quality testing service, get in touch with our team right away.

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What can you add to your inspection?

While our standard home inspections are very thorough, they don't include everything. If you want to get the whole picture before buying a home, consider adding a water testing service, professional mold inspection or:

  • Well inspection
  • Roof inspection
  • Pool and spa inspection
  • Moisture intrusion inspection
  • Infrared scanning

Get peace of mind when buying a new home. Set up an appointment for a professional mold inspection today.